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Why you should invest in me:

I am the body warmth in between shots when the bride is cold. I will use my shirt as a towel to dry off the bottom of the bouquets so they do not drip down the dresses. I am not someone who is there just to do my photography job.  I am your friend, your confidant, a director, sometimes a D.J., and I can help in any area you need me. I will be there for you before your wedding, during and after. I will fix your hair and make-up. I am your timeline of the day. I am the hand to hold, a reminder to breathe and to smile before you walk down the aisle. I am your go to person. I am your forever. I always aim to prioritize my clients and their happiness over everything else. Investing in me guarantees you are not just getting beautiful images of your portrait, wedding or event.  It also guarantees you will be receiving out of the ordinary, creative, magical, whimsical, natural, comfortable (with a touch of absolutely insane and wild) poses that will capture something so unfamiliar, yet eye opening. I remember my mother telling me that it amazes her how she can look at something and not see anything special, but I can walk by the same thing and take a picture because I found beauty in it. I am the real deal because of my passion, honesty and attention to detail (thanks to my OCD). Your wedding day, special event or whatever milestone we are celebrating in a portrait setting is important to you, so it is important to me. You should invest in me because I am fair, affordable and having me as your photographer will be one less stressful task for you to worry about. Invest in forever. Invest in Emily Crenca Photography.