I vocalize a lot about owning who you are, having a style and taking risks to level up. There are SO many photographers now. I feel like this industry gained so many people who just want to make some quick cash. But do they LOVE what they do. Do they have a quick turn-around time. Do they deliver and are also there for you during this chaotic time in your life when you re trying to make it all perfect but emails and contact and everyone is doing their own thing that its hard to really trust and rely on the person you are investing into.

I don't consider myself "professional". That word has really made an ill feeling onto me starting this past April. I did a wedding for a good friend and basically was the NICEST, most professional I've ever been at a wedding and gave them the best of the best and was treated like absolute SHIT. So, with my people who invest into me; the people who pay good money to have me at their weddings I give them the ME that gets things done. That goes above and beyond like no other. And that isn't going to be someone who is like..." ok, now please stand here, and do this and do that." No, I'm going to be the girl who climbs trees, talks dirty to your grandma and breaks the rules for the sake of the shot. I want to give your organic and authentic with a side of wild and unoriginal. I want to be the person who makes you laugh so hard you can't even hold it together. I will talk dirty to you and make you so uncomfortable that you will walk away feeling like we're not only family but best friends and it'll make you a better person. I am the girl who pulls my clients out of their comfort zones on a new level of insanity. But guess what. It does the Job. I'm my OWN kind of professional. I call this the ECP Experience because you don't just GET ME and my wedding photographs. You get the vibe. It's unique. It is unlike anything you'll ever see- and if there are people out there like me; they are still NOT ME. I take so much pride in who I am as a photographer and how I do the things I do.

So much so; I warn / let my clients know on our inquiry chat that this isn't for everyone. I am not for everyone. I'm usually not for the church girls who are extremely reserved and quiet. But better yet; those are the kinds of babes who come back at the end of this and tell me I've helped them feel more comfortable. But at the end of the day; I'm not everyones cup of tea and that is completely fine. I am KOMBUCHA. I'm spicy and bubbly and a acquired taste. I'm not your Sunday morning, or your cup of Joe. I'm your midnight madness and your shot of espresso. I'm not your nice day. I'm your lake day because you'll get hot then cold because I will put you in the water ever chance I get for some extreme wet and wild action. No one EVER regrets it. I'm not your Kodak moment. I'm your polaroid. I'm not your Hannah G ( I'm your Hannah B ) * bachelorette reference. I'm your hype girl and everything that comes with that. If this sounds like someone you're into then here I am. text me email me beep me call me if you wanna reach me.

2020 availability is very limited currently.

2021 availability is open.

2022 is VERY open


honestly. I'm just here for you.