Listen, If there is anything I have learned from my sixteen years as a photographer, and thirteen years as a wedding photographer; it's this:

This wedding industry; every person from florals to the venue to the creative aspect; video, photo, painting, DJ, whoever has a craft that takes work to create; it's that MOST of us; love what we do. AND it takes a village. So much so that setting boundaries is hard for us. Over the last 6 years I have created a team of photographers who I trust more than anything, to be my right hand connects. They photograph very similar to me, with their own individual twist; and I edit the photographs and do all the inside outside work. I have created this empire that I am insanely proud of. My reputation, preferred vendor lists, and vendor referrals; word of mouth and past + present clients are how I keep doing what I love; and I am not forgetful of that.

Team ECP is efficient, communicative, prompt, excited, exceptional and we go above and beyond. The sky is the limit; and I am proud to have these individuals work for and with me; while also maintaining their own craft and businesses.

It consists of Allison, Anthony, Jennifer, Shelby, Jesse.

My Associate photographers are top notch. My trust in them enough is a true factor since I have a problem letting go of control. letting go that thought that I can do everything on my own. Risking burning out because I love all my clients, I get excited about the inquires that come through, and I want to make everyone smile and give them these memories I know I could create; but what I realized most of all the last few years is that I CAN accept help; and my clients trust me enough to know that I have their back and would never refer or send an associate that wasn't to my standards; and for THAT the ECP experience is truly just that; an Experience.

Go to the Knot to view what my couples are saying about my badass team.

My associates are assigned a wedding if I am unavailable for said date; From there I photograph the engagement session if there is one in the package; and take care of everything else.