I like to think that the entire experience you have with me as your photographer is an event in itself. I am detailed, organized, personable, invading, loving, excited, and most of all; will most likely be that best friend to you that you can trust with your whole heart. I have a unique personality that dives deep into your soul and brings out your comfort. You really have no choice but to let go and allow yourself to be fully invested into all that I am. I will make you smile, I will make you laugh,. and I will make you feel so comfortable that you will literally probably want to be my best friend at the end of it. I always joke to my family that when I get married one day; I will have ALL of my clients as guests because thats exactly what you become; either family or my friends or even better BOTH. I have your back. I have your best interest. I don't care about your money; I know that sounds weird coming from me because this is my FULL living; but I don't. I don't want you to pay me for your special day and then thats it. I want to be your forever photographer. I want to watch you grow and have a family. The client photographer connection is very important to me and I have turned down weddings if the vibe is off. Like I said; my goal is to love the crap out of you and have that be in return. I will completely surround your heart with only the best interest at hand. LIVE IN LOVE with me- always forward never back - here's to forever my friends. See you in the world.

WILD + FREE; with a splash of honesty