I'm your story teller

I am not however just your photographer. I am very invested in your adventure to the alter. Your timeline of the day is made up of the help of your DJ + Photographer. Together we create the perfect day that will be captured. Everything you dreamed of we help put in order.

The day of is chaotic. Thank god I'm here for you. The bouquet stems are wet, don't worry I'll dry them off with my shirt for you. Ive done it before. I round off a list of things for you not to forget on your way out the door to get into your car of choice to go to your ceremony. I can fix your hair, bussle your dress, button up your dress, put your veil in- I don't know shit about make up so you're on your own there! I am your confidant, your best friend, your sister I can be anything you need. If I had to be the DJ or the coordinator- I'd show up for you. That is the kind of vendor you should always aim for. The people who care ABOUT you and your day and not just stay in the shadows. I can't imagine doing that. So if you're wanting someone to cover the bases and have your back;

you are in the right place.

View the magic I have created

“I don't just want to be your photographer today, I want to be your forever photographer”