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Creator of natural candid moments and worldly known for laughing with you

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I'm an acquired taste

My entire life I've been an acquired taste. I'm not everyones cup of tea. It's ok, because I prefer Kombucha.

It's fizzy + good for you. Like me.... See what I did there.

I am unlike any photographer you've ever met or seen at another wedding. I go above and beyond for my clients. I am very picky on who I choose to take on as a client, as you are picky on who you choose to invest into on this special day. A few of my special talents; I can pin the flower to any suit, buttons on your dress? I got it. I stay on schedule like a boss, I will make you laugh so those candids you want; done, and that awkwardness you may feel like you have; gone. I can guarentee this. How I create my magic is by being myself, while we all change, grow and evolve; one thing stays the same. My love for my people, and my humor and assertiveness. Being a photographer to me is so much more than that. I am your confidant, your secret keeper, your partner in crime, your wedding planner, heck, if you need me to be the DJ, officiant; Id make it work. I will always be your constant in the chaos.

It is unmatched.

Words to describe me + my magic: Passionate, honest, creative, invasive, attentive, directive, inappropriate, professional adjacent, wild, dreamy, consistent, comforting, determined, authentic, relational, communicative, visionary, organized, raw, quick witted and from a clients mouth... "the whole package".

"You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar"

My Editing style: Imagine you are in the woods of Yosemite. It is crystal clear out. The stars are out. The moon is shining. It's a fall day. We are sitting in my converted van- with polaroids and lights streamed inside. There is a bonfire going. The smell of wood burning, the moody night sky, the greenery. The natural - colors - but also retro-feel. Its very photographic, journalistic, with a side of absolutely wild. If this is your vision and that is what you see and feel; I'm ya girl.

I'm happy you are here.

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