Who is she?

Hi Friends! I'm Emily Crenca.

I am an award winning photographer from the United States. Do I have any awards to prove this? No. But I am in my eyes. I've been a photographer for 12 years and counting. I am a preferred vendor in multiple venues around Rhode Island and I've traveled via plane to go to work for the last 6 years. That should count for something! If you're smiling reading this then we're going to probably get along. Over the years I have sacrificed my own happiness to bend over backwards for everyone and help anyone I could. Recently I decided that there is a specific kind of personality that truly can understand the core of who I am. I also understand that not everyone is going to love the crap out of me; like I will love the crap out of you- and that is the start of why I'm unlike anyone you'll meet. Let's dive in.

OKAY. Now that we have the somewhat serious info out of the way. I am glad you are here. Who am I? How did I get into photography? Why don't I live where I am based out of? What inspired me to be a photographer? While all those questions are great; I'll tell you more than that.

I really love people. I love my hammock and value my time spent swinging in between palm trees in St. Pete FL. I love avocado toast specifically from Buddy Brew in Tampa FL. I love my Nana more than anything in this world. She's my absolute favorite Living breathing human being and I can't imagine my life without her, truly. I adopted a PITWEENIE dog - I KNOW... how? Who was on top of who? All good questions, I rescued him so the answers are unclear BUT his name is JOVI... and he's the love of my life. I converted a VAN to live in part time and travel free for love. My address is: Open Road, USA. My mother is my best friend. I come from a big Italian family that is also creative, talented and beautiful. My love for photography has become my entire life. I grew up with club feet and had multiple surgeries to correct them and fix them and it is almost entirely why I'm the warrior I am today. I have a hard time hearing criticism because I've heard it my whole life. I wasn't perfect growing up; I was different than a lot of the kids and I had to overcome obstacles no one around me had to deal with and because of that I think It's hard for me to hear anything other than positive feedback and words of affirmation.. I love the people who support and help others be a better version of themselves. I love yard work, bonfires, hiking, chasing waterfalls and sunsets and I love more than anything connecting with all the people in this world and learning about them. I am scared of needles, anything that can bite me and kill me instantly and death. But life a ride and I'm here for it.

Sheril L. Foust

“Emily recently photographed my youngest daughters wedding. Although I’ve only seen a few sneak peeks I must say I’m truly impressed with the results. As a professional wedding photographer myself,with over 35 years experience, I am absolutely thrilled with the shots I’ve seen so far. Emily has a truly unique and fresh approach to her photography. Her creative nature shows in her work. She will crawl on the floor or climb a tree to “get the shot”! If you can get her..hire her immediately! You’ll be glad.”

01 / 09