Who is she?


i'm emily

If this is your first page to learn bout me; I am glad you are here. A lot of the words on my website talk about my craft and my magic; but I wanted this page to be different. I want you to know the real and raw part of who is behind the lens.

From a young age I dealt with adversity and challenges. Straight from the womb thrown into earth side I was born different. From that point on; I think a little part of that always existed in me. I choose to be different; I choose to wake up everyday knowing that no one is me; and that is my power. It took a few wrong turns and failures to get me to where I am today but I would not trade it for a million dollars; truly.

I was born with club feet; and had multiple operations as a newborn baby to third grade. Always in casts; in a wheelchair; walker; constantly learning new ways to get into trouble; whether I was scootin' on my bum; or crawling. I kept my mama on her toes; that's for sure. I never lost that sparkle in my eye; I never let it get to me; and I think that's why I refuse to burn out doing what I love now. I know I can get through anything.

Fast forward to now. I am 34 years old. I chased a dream a few years ago that I've envisioned for years; and that was converting a ford transit into a tiny home on wheels. I travel from New England to nashville 6 months out of the year; and I've chosen to live in another state ( Tennessee ) in my off season to escape for some peace and quiet.

I am strictly a New England Based Wedding + Portrait Photographer.

That was my choice 10 years ago; and I've continued to do so till the present time.

I believe that I have something that no one else has. I can get people to do some wild things. I spread comfort, and joy everywhere I go. I am your hype girl, your safe space, and I am someone you can absolutely count on. I have a few great best friends and the most supportive family in this world. I have two of the cutest dogs you will ever see; that are literally everything to me. I am just a happy person that you should and would feel confident having by your side as your photographer. I am in a super healthy happy relationship; that for the first time in my adult life; I feel truly supported and loved for who i am. Which brings me to attract what you are; I only want to attract people who love me for me; My absolute number one mission is to be your forever photographer; and not just your one day photographer. I strive to create personal relationships with everyone I meet and that is extremely presented to me when I walk this earth and someone knows me or remembers me and I know I've left a mark on this world. That is the true moment of happiness for me. Knowing I have created a significant photograph that you hang in your home and remember for your own personal relationships.

Things you should know and never forget:

I'm hilarious. That's it.

I wanted to share a review by a bride that was posted on the knot that really hits the nail on the head for what you can expect from me. At the end of the day, I have your back, and I will go to war for you, and do every and any job to make sure you have the best day; and my personality can be intimidating; but I assure you; if you want anyone on your side; it's me. When I say I got you, I got you.

“My exact words after our wedding to Emily were “You were our constant in the chaos” and those words couldn’t have been more genuine. Emily went above and beyond on our (very rainy) wedding day and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. When planning our wedding, we put the most time and effort into hiring our photographer and I’m so glad we did because Emily was absolutely worth it. Our photos came out stunning and there were SO MANY to choose from. Emily was unbelievably organized, communicative, and calm throughout our wedding day. A true professional- cracking jokes and keeping the mood upbeat the entire time. My favorite thing about Emily’s photos is her remarkable ability to catch the little moments. The hugs, smiles, and laughs you didn’t think anyone saw. In the last year and a half I have had the pleasure of getting to know Emily and I can say you won’t find a photographer more hard working, talented, and dedicated to her craft than her. Emily is the whole package.”


Samantha + Connor

Book Emily. Just do it. I cannot explain the comfort she brought me on my wedding day. STORY TIME- I was so excited for my guests to throw petals as my husband and I exited our ceremony but they were never handed out. What does Emily do? She says “Sam, do it again. You want this.” And hands my guest all of the flower petals. We redid our exit which led to my literal dream wedding picture. She made me feel so special and cared for. Pouring rain? No problem. She will advocate for you, make you feel beautiful