Who is she?


i'm emily

welcome to your favorite website you’ll see all day. I’m your next best friend. No really, you’ll fall in love with me, but chances are I will fall in love with you too. I have this effect on people that are extremely shy or nervous in front of the camera, its like they black out and become supermodels within just one session with me and hey; I’m here for it. I have this ability to create and capture such genuine moments with who I am as a person. I can get people to do just about anything... It's a skill. I believe the magic is in YOU. And its definitely in me; so I think I just sprinkle that shit everywhere I go. I've gotten the best of the knot for three years in a row.. so something is working.

I can read a room, I can pick up on queues, and I can tame my wild; but I’m not going to lie to you, I am very picky on who I invest into as a photographer, just as you as picky as who you choose to capture your day. Over the last few years I realized that no one is me, and that is my power. The beautiful moments you see on my instagram, and website are created by ME. Not my camera, ME. So surrendering to the process and trusting the person you are choosing is so important. I am not for the reserved, and its because I say some pretty wild things to make you laugh and make you forget where you are and what you are doing. I believe that we show the best part of ourselves when we are pulled out of our comfort zones; you'd be surprised.

little bout me; I am pretty funny, like actually really funny. And my love language is you telling me that you think I’m funny. I have two adorable pups; Jovi + Ellie. I have a van I converted that I travel back and forth in. I am a New England based wedding photographer, but reside outside of New England; in nashville Tennessee. I do this because I need space. I am FULLY engulfed in my work when I am working in New England. Portraits, babeoir, weddings, editing, and doing all the behind the scenes things; and I need that space to breath. I love poke bowls, ginger chews, and Matcha Latte’s with coconut milk. I truly enjoy more than anything swinging in my hammock between tree’s and the sun. I also enjoy self care, from massages to yoga.

I wanted to share a review by a bride that was posted a few days ago that really hits the nail on the head for what you can expect from me. At the end of the day, I have your back, and I will go to war for you, and do every and any job to make sure you have the best day; and my personality can be intimidating; but I assure you; if you want anyone on your side; it's me. When I say I got you, I got you.

“My exact words after our wedding to Emily were “You were our constant in the chaos” and those words couldn’t have been more genuine. Emily went above and beyond on our (very rainy) wedding day and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. When planning our wedding, we put the most time and effort into hiring our photographer and I’m so glad we did because Emily was absolutely worth it. Our photos came out stunning and there were SO MANY to choose from. Emily was unbelievably organized, communicative, and calm throughout our wedding day. A true professional- cracking jokes and keeping the mood upbeat the entire time. My favorite thing about Emily’s photos is her remarkable ability to catch the little moments. The hugs, smiles, and laughs you didn’t think anyone saw. In the last year and a half I have had the pleasure of getting to know Emily and I can say you won’t find a photographer more hard working, talented, and dedicated to her craft than her. Emily is the whole package.”

If you love me for me, and my work; you’ll see that I am unprofessional, inappropriate, invasive; ALL IN THE BEST WAY. I am not everyones cup of tea, I’m kombucha; and I’m good for you. Take a chance, let’s make magic.


1 / 9

Chelsea + Norbert

Emily is a firecracker! She kept the energy up the second she walked in the door through until she left. She gave us the most amazing experience and pictures we could’ve ever asked for. Emily is so dedicated to her work and it really shows. Everyone at our wedding kept asking who she was and how awesome she is