Over the last 12 years you can say I've touched a lot of lives with my craft. It is a blessing to me that I've built this name for myself. I am so incredibly proud of myself and I work so hard. I sacrifice holidays, weekends, events, family gatherings, and other important personal days to be there for YOUR personal days. I still wouldn't trade it for a billion dollars. This is my entire life. I love what I do and I certainly wouldn't be where I am without all of you. My amazing family who has supported me from the very beginning. The people who would consider me as the camera girl, the people who thought this was just a "hobby". I truly feel like I've created an empire of solely my vendors, associate photographers, second shooters, side projects, and everything and anything in between. My forever clients, my future clients, my current clients, and the people who have been watching me grow. I love you all so much. xx ECP