When sending an Inquiry.....

Please be mindful that every photographer is different. Our craft is different. Your investment is selective, just like our investment into you is selective. I am the kind of photographer who builds personal relationships and I take pride in my unique approach to photography. No one is me, and that is my power.

When writing your inquiry please remember to not copy and paste your message to me. I enjoy reading WHY you are choosing me, and what it is about my craft that made you want to take the time to click the website, browse the packages ( on the investment page ) and choose to email me. I am more likely to respond when it's personal, rather if you just send a copy and paste message that you sent to multiple vendors.

This isn't a message to scare you away; rather a tiny bit of information to remember that you are searching for the RIGHT FIT FOR YOU, and not just someone who will take your money and do the job. I am so much more than that!

The investment section of the website has a list of packages to choose from. Please inform me when sending your inquiry which one interests you :)

**specifically wedding and or portrait event

Please tell me the details of your magical day!