What is Darling Babeoir?

Darling Babeoir was created with women + men in mind. Generally it is surrounded by women; boudoir sessions that you create for your lovers or for yourself. It's one thing to book a session and show up with a million outfits to pose for hours; by yourself. With all your insecurities, all your doubts and your awkwardness. Despite whether I will help you with all that solo; it's another thing to come to a hotel room with other babes who are feeling those ways and leave feeling empowered and thankful and happy and with new friends. Everyone has a purpose for why they want to create these. Why they want to bare their souls and hearts and do something completely out of their comfort zones. Hell, I do it everyday. I do things I am not comfortable with, and that's when I find myself growing the most. Do something you never done and watch how it helps you grow into something bigger and better than you were before. I got tired of charging my people an expensive session and wanted to create a deal that would make them feel completely beautified in different ways and that is where Darling Babeoir came into action. I did a test run with some friends, I saw what worked and what didn't work and now I am going fully in with Darling Babeoir being an Emily Crenca Photography service as of January 2020. With the help of talented vendors in the industry; Hair and Make up: Sarah Depault Beauty, Liz collins with Beauty and the Balayage, along with other vendors who believe in the message. 99 percent guarantee you will leave the hotel room feeling confident and sexy and happy. I like to stick to who I know; and keep it loyal. Our sessions are usually held at Hotel Providence in Providence, RI. The hotel team there have been extremely generous and loving and I am a preferred wedding vendor their as well.

Schedule for Darling Babeoir


November 5th -
3 spots left

November 6th
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Check @darling.babeoir insta or @emilycrencaphotography for more

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Price: $650

Location: TBD


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